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Trying for a baby/pregnant?
Day 1 focuses on the needs of those trying to conceive and are pregnant.

Just had a baby?
Day 2 focuses on the needs for new mums

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  • What/Who is Being?
  • About the day

Emma Learman – Co-Founder, Being

Kate Eversole – Co-Founder, Being

Start the day focused and aware with a guided group meditation session

Adiba Osmani – Founder & MD, Inhere Studios


  • Any do’s and don’ts of exercising whilst trying to conceive?
  • Fertility diets: Understand the facts that underpin this fad…any must eats or must avoids? What nutrients and vitamins does my body need?

Emer Burke – Co-Founder & certified personal trainer, pre + post natal fitness specialist. Food,Fitness, Fertility

Siobhan Hennelly – Co-Founder & registered nutritional therapist. Food, Fitness, Fertility   

Angela HeapFounder & nutritionist, Fertile Ground Nutrition


  • Positive your way pregnant – the mind is a powerful tool.
  • Destress and Decompress – Spot key signs and how this impacts fertility  
  • Advice on how to manage your relationship while trying to conceive #helloawkwardsex

Dr Alex Kasozi – Resident Pyschotherapist, &Breathe

Emiliana Hall – Founder & Hypnobirthing teacher, MindfulBirthGroup

Han Wright – Mental health blogger, Wellness & Wander

  • Hear new mums conception stories – do they have any tips?     
  • A review of technology that supports fertility – period tracking apps, ovulation calendars…

Anya Sizer Fertility Network UK

  • Signs of infertility and when to go and see a doctor
  • Early signs of pregnancy
  • Q&A

Dr. Shireen Emadossadaty – NHS GP

Dr. Joy Troko – NHS Obstetrician and Gynecologist

Marie Louise – The Modern Midwife


13:15 – 14:15

  • Explore the evidence to understand:Should I be exercising at all?
  • Can exercise harm the baby?
  • What exercise you can and can’t do
  • Understanding diastasis recti (stomach split) and the importance of your pelvic floor
  • Leave with example exercise programs

Charlie Launder – Fitness Expert & Founder,  Bumps & Burpees

Explore the science to understand:  

  • Foods and nutrients for healthy baby development
  • Recommended consumption of foods and alcohol.
  • Is there any food I must avoid?
  • Will my morning flat white harm my baby?
  • The only thing I can stomach is coke-a-cola is that OK?  
  • The importance of hydration in pregnancy: How much water should I aim to drink? Is there a rule while pregnant?
  • Our top herbal tea recommendations

Sandra Greenbank – Nutritional therapist, Functional Medicine Practitioner, Fertility Coach and Hypnotherapist,  SG Nutrition

Jodie Brandman – Registered Nutritional Therapist

  • Understand the facts. If I can’t keep food down is my baby going to get enough nutrients?
  • Will I ever stop throwing up?
  • Top tips to help you feel less nauseous

Lindsey Salmon – Pregnancy Sickness Support Volunteer, Pregnancy sickness support UK

  • What can you expect from hypnobirthing and positively birthing? Understand if it’s for you
  • Hints and tips for a positive birth
  • Daisy birthing: Learn antenatal education anchored to your breath, your body and your movement
  • What is a birth plan, why you need one and examples to take home

Katie StockdalePeace Love & Birth

  • Your chance to ask mums anything and expect an honest answer
  • Top tips from mums that have just been through it!
  • Understand what to expect when you get home from the hospital  
  • Top tips to get you through the first two weeks 
  • When can you have sex again? Will it hurt?

Emma Learman –  Co-Founder, Being

Kate Eversole – Co-Founder, Being

Joanna Lamontagne aka @Mama_Shiz, blogger

Naomi Litchfield – Paediatric Nurse, NHS

Marguerite Mitterlehner – Innovation Manager, Mum & You

  • List of baby essentials made by new mums
  • The minefield that is pram shopping
  • Is it safe to buy my pram on ebay?

Anita Worlidge – Anita’s House London

Unwind and reflect on the days learnings with this relaxing group sound bath  

Uschi Classen –  Music Producer & Music Therapist


A full body workout, with a focus on exercises that help to prevent common pregnancy aches and pains, or to prepare you for birth and life as a new mum. All exercises are low impact but you should expect to feel the burn – especially in those glutes and arms!

Shelley Buxey – Personal Trainer, Mumhood

Get your pre-natal sweat on with this full-body workout that’s designed for mum’s to be

Charlie Launder – Fitness Expert & Founder,  Bumps & Burpees

How to restore your core and pelvic floor post-partum  

Baz Moffat – Women’s health coach,

Move, breathe, stretch and strengthen in this relaxing flow class

Libby Stevenson – Pregnancy, postnatal and children’s yoga teacher, Mumaste Yoga Wellbeing

Move in a way that is fun, challenging and beneficial for you and your bump during this high-energy, low-impact class inspired by pre-natal fitness expert Brit Williams’ new book Mind, Body, Bump. Modifications for every level and trimester mean everyone is welcome.

Britt Williams – Founder & Author, Fit Brit Collective


Is aromatherapy safe when pregnant? 
What are the benefits?
Can aromatherapy help during labour?  
Easy/quick techniques that you can do at home & in the hospital

Kathy Kinnersly doTERRA

Understand what to write, when to write, how often to write and why write in this guided journaling workshop

Bianca Riemer – Certified Breastfeeding Specialist, The Breastfeeding Babe

Learn the skills you need to save a life and to treat the most common baby accidents and emergencies. A special focus on febrile seizures, CPR & choking

Farrah & Gigi – Daisy First Aid

  • How easy is breastfeeding?
  • How can I prepare for breastfeeding?
  • How long will I breastfeed for?
  • How do I know that my baby is getting enough milk?
  • Top tips on how to breastfeed from experienced midwives 

Bianca Riemer – Certified Breastfeeding Specialist, The Breastfeeding Babe


  • Meditation techniques, that you can do at home to bond with your baby   
  • 15 minute guided mother and baby meditation session



Adiba Osmani – Founder & MD, Inhere Studios

  • How to deal with lack of sleep
  • How to get baby to sleep
  • How can I get more sleep
  • Q&A

Amanda Thompson – Co-Founder of Bundle & Antenatal Teacher

Charmaine Walters – Sleep Consultant

  • What is postnatal depression?
  • Is there anything that can be done to prevent postnatal anxiety?
  • Signs for postnatal depression
  • What to do and who to talk to if you do think you may be suffering with postnatal depression

Dr Ben Harman Jones – GP & Psychiatrist, NHS Trust  

  • What are the signs that baby is ready
  • Baby led vs spoon feeding 
  • What foods do I start with?
  • How much milk does baby need once wenning begins 
  • Q&A

Maria Betsworth – Breastfeeding practioner, Little Peach

Dr. Sophie Niedermaier-Patramani – Paediatrician, Little Tummy

Explore the evidence to understand:  

  • How long after giving birth, can you exercise?
  • Can exercising too early effect recovery?
  • What exercise you can and can’t do
  • Example exercise programs

Alice Hancock – Pre & post-natal specialist trainer, tutor and assessor, Mumhood, Frame Academy &Breathe

Caroline Bragg – Pre & post-natal specialist trainer, tutor and assessor, Mumhood, Frame Academy &Breathe

Rosie Stockley – Fitness Expert &
Founder of MAMAWELL

Zoshia Shepherd – Founder & Director, REsilientMe


12:45 – 13:45

  • Use your maternity leave to evaluate what you want from paid work
  • Understand the legal requirements your employer must offer you now you’re a mum
  • How to manage your career and being a mum

Anna Ilves – Director, HR Puzzle

  • Will I ever laugh or sneeze without wetting myself?
  • What pelvic floor exercises should I do during pregnancy? Why are these important
  • How to restore your core and pelvic floor postpartum

Neema Sempebwa – Pre & Post-Natal trainer, Bodywise Training
Clare Bourne – Women’s Health Physiotherapist, Six Physio

  • How soon can I travel with a newborn?
  • Can babies fly long haul?
  • What an earth do I pack?  
  • Our top 10 holiday picks

Triple Passport

Unwind and reflect on the days learnings with a relaxing sound bath and guided meditation session

Uschi Classen – Music Producer & Music Therapist


Cardio goals. Scaling options for preggers ladies

Rosie Stockley – Fitness Expert & Founder of MAMAWELL

Mummy Tribe Mini Workshop

Fitness class and physio advice from the Mummy Tribe team

Taking the same approach that they use at their retreats, join this taster to understand the physio side of postnatal training and put that into practice with a kettle bell workout.

Lulu Adams – Pre & Post-Natal Personal Trainer, The Mummy Tribe

Clare Bourne – Pelvic Health Pysiotherapist, Clare Bourne Physio


Yoga especially designed for new mums focusing on strengthening core muscles, including the pelvic floor, and releasing tight shoulders and upper back which get so stiff from carrying and feeding baby. We will add breath and relaxation to create a magical space for you to unwind and restore. Mums can join the class by themselves or bring their babies along (up to crawling age).

Zoshia Shepherd – Founder & Director, REsilientMe

Did you know that The Barrecore Method is the perfect exercise to try after having given birth?

Their classes are all low-impact and use bodyweight resistance exercises to tone the arms, thighs, seat and core so you’ll feel strong and empowered as you transition into motherhood.

Barrecore’s expertly trained instructors will guide you through their renowned postnatal class where you will learn some of the tools to enable you to work your body in a safe and effective way post-pregnancy

Esme Benjamin –  Dancer & Barrecore teacher
Amber Johnson – Lead Instructor, Barrecore

A well-rounded workout that uses large muscle groups and various ranges of motion to lead to better overall health, posture, flexibility, strength and balance

Bekki O’ReillyPersonal Trainer and CrossFit Coach


  • How quickly after giving birth can I run? Who should I see?
  • When shouldn’t I run post baby?
  • Understand what to look out for when running to ensure I’m not doing more harm than good
  • Strength and conditioning exercises  that will help get you back to your previous fitness level quickly
  • How to get back to running when I’m ready

Emma Brockwell – Pelvic Health Pysiotherapist, Physiomum

Grainne Donnelly – Pelvic Health Pysiotherapist, Absolute Physio


What are the benefits or aromatherapy for your baby? 
Easy/quick techniques that you can do at home

Kathy Kinnersly doTERRA

Overview of DRAM versus “Normal” Postpartum stretch weakness

  • Protect – Movement, posture and activity to protect the healing tummy. Taping,corsets and “hold-me-in” knickers – what works and when!
  • Stabilise – Early activation – the earlier the better. Demonstration of the Isometric contractions of the deep core and pelvic floor that stabilise the abdominal wall and whole pelvic ring for early recovery.
  • Rehabilitate – Progressive strengthening for every post-natal tummy. Key strategies for resolution of DRAM and when to look for support.

Move, Feel, Live Stronger

Megan Vickers –  Womens Health Physiotherapist, Co-Founder of Four Sides London

  • Practicalities & benefits of exercising with your little one
  • What exercises to do and when
  • Example home workouts – to get you back in the fitness game – to take home with you

Joanna Perkins –  Sports medicine and Women’s Health Physiotherapist, Mumma Physio & The Glow Method at Home

Betsan de Renesse – Pre/Postnatal Exercise Specalist, The Glow Method


Make yourself feel better. Listen to the stories behind the worlds best, worst and most interesting parenting fails.