October 12 – 13 2019,  will be held in Havas Kings Cross:

The HKX Building
3 Pancras Square
Havas Kings Cross is a 5 minute walk max from Kings Cross tube & train station.

Check out the map here >

Please be mindful that the venue mainly functions as on office space.

Contact details:

Kate Eversole

Emma Learman

Click the map for the Floor Plan

BEING 2019



Active Root is a natural low calorie drink that contains root ginger which is scientifically proven to prevent nausea and stomach discomfort. By only using natural ingredients, Active Root it’s well in the stomach as well as tasting refreshing and delicious. 

Active Root will have all 3 of their sports drink flavours to try (Ginger, Peppermint & Ginger and Green Tea & Ginger) as well as their new ElectroLite version, which contains only ¼ of the calories. Ginger is proven to be effective for preventing and reducing nausea during pregnancy, so make sure you give Active Root a try!



Four Sides London has grown from our friendship and love for life, health and well-being. We have built a space for womens health, physiotherapy, strength conditioning and Pilates in London.

As well as online exercise videos and health and wellbeing retreats to enhance our clients rehab journeys. Megan is a specialist in all things pelvic! A crusader for pregnancy and post natal exercise, she has developed her own method based on her clinical expertise, personal journey and passion for fitness. We believe the freedom of movement is something to enjoy throughout pregnancy, post-natal and beyond. 


Nutrition for Mothers

Say goodbye to supplement tablets, and say hello to Vitimum. Vitimum is nutrition brand for Mothers. We specialise in nutrition during key stages of motherhood; such as prenatal and postnatal nutrition. Created by a Mother, and developed with a Nutritionist, our first product, Vitimum Original, is an easy-to-make drink with vitamins and protein for prenatal and postnatal well-being.

Each serving contains Fish Oil (Omega-3), Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamin C, Zinc, Iron, Vitamin B2, Folic Acid, Selenium, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12 and Pea Protein. Made in the UK, Gluten Free, Dairy free and with Natural Sweeteners.


The Glow Method at Home is an Online Physiotherapist Led Post Natal Rehabilitation and Exercise Programme. It was inspired when its' co-founders met and shared a mutual passion for providing access to the best and most current guidance on core and pelvic floor rehab for all women. Designed exclusively by mums and for mums, The Glow Method at Home is a unique combination of functional strength training, pilates and rehabilitation in a simple to use and easy to follow method. The programme will help you safely achieve your exercise goals and feel empowered, energised and more connected with your 'core' than ever before.


Established over 40 years ago, Genesis Research Trust is the only charity to lie consistently at the heart of original leading-edge research, investigating how and why things can go wrong with conception, pregnancy and birth. Our mission is to reduce preventable baby loss and enhance the health of the mother and child. Under the Chair of our founder Professor Lord Winston, GRT funds advanced medical research to better understand the causes of infertility, miscarriage, stillbirth, pre-term birth, and reproductive cancers. We also look at diagnosis and success rates in IVF.


doTERRA is the world's leading essential oil company. They pride themselves on providing beautiful, pure and effective oils that are 100% tested, to make sure they are completely pure.  This makes the oils safe for us all to use, and help us carefully step into a more empowered and natural way of life. doTERRA’s pursuit for purity see them sourcing the oils globally providing sustainable income for communities that most need it, which in turn give us access to the best oils available in the world.  Our aim is to empower families all over the world with natural health care solutions.



Nourish you, nourish your baby! The Pregnancy Food Company provides delicious, organic snacks and nutritional education from fertility all the way through to post partum and beyond. Set up in 2017 by Laura, a Nutritional therapist, the company has a wide range of yummy refined sugar free treats, plus a comprehensive online nutrition guide. Laura has a real passion for helping women have happier and healthier pregnancies and also helps clients 1:1 with their nutritional health.


Sportee Mommee is a brand of pregnancy and postpartum gym wear for ladies wanting to stay fit and active in their motherhood journey. Designed by an athletics coach who couldn’t find comfortable maternity sports clothes during her pregnancies; the clothes are made using technical high stretch sports fabric, which is soft and sweat wicking. The range consists of leggings, vests, tees, long sleeved tops and bump bands. All garments are shaped to fit a growing bump with a ruched seam, allowing extra room for growth in addition to the high stretch. They also support postpartum recovery, making them suitable for wear long after the birth.

Any enquiries email


Inspired by pregnancy and motherhood, HotTea Mama is a British, female business, offering a range of teas to support women through this incredible but challenging time of life.

Unlike other generic pregnancy blends, HotTea Mama teas have specific, functional benefits. There is an award-winning blend to ease morning sickness, a blend to support breast feeding, a raspberry leaf blend to prepare the body for labour, a caffeine free pick me up, a sleep aid, and a high caffeine cuppa.

Each blend is safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding, excluding ingredients likeliquorice which can be dangerous and lead to high blood pressure. 


Mum & You is a parenting company offering eco-nappies, biodegradable baby wipes, and hypoallergenic skincare from birth to beyond. Find us online @mumandyou and discover the work we do to support mums in innovation and independence. Our unique and free app, nappychat, will help any new parent navigate the barriers in developing your baby’s love of stories from an early age, and provide brilliant boredom-busting ideas to inspire playtime, nappy changes and beyond.


Make yourself feel better. Listen to the stories behind the worlds best, worst and most interesting parenting fails.