Just had a much needed coffee to get you through that meeting and are now convinced that you’ve harmed your baby? We’ve all been there.. That’s why we’ve asked the help of a professional…step in Jodie Brandman, Registered Nutritional Therapist

So let’s keep it simple as growing a human is confusing enough..

5 foods to eat more of:

  1. Leafy greens as these contain folate (which is much needed for your baby’s nervous system development) and iron (which can fall low especially during the second trimester)
  2. Oily fish. Omega 3 is great for your baby’s brain development and to help prevent baby brain!
  3. Egg yolks as these are rich in choline so good for your baby’s brain development and to help protect them from stress
  4. Dates. Studies have shown they can help with a smoother and quicker labour! (Yes please!) and particularly in the third trimester they are good for energy
  5. Ginger can help to ease sickness and tummy aches

5 foods to eat less of:

  1. Caffeine like matcha, coffee or too much chocolate as caffeine cannot be processed by the baby so this can lead to detoxification issues, plus it’s been linked to low birth weight. If you are having coffee then keep it organic as non organic tends to have high amounts of pesticides.
  2. Raw fish and undercooked meat as this can lead to food poisoning
  3. High mercury fish like tuna and swordfish should be limited as mercury can negatively affect baby’s brain due to toxin overload
  4. Folic acid as this is NOT the same as folate – it’s synthetic and can cause issues with development
  5. Added sugars as high blood sugar levels can lead to a risk of gestational diabetes

And if you are reading this after already having your morning coffee don’t panic the NHS recommend 200mg a day which is 2 cups of instant coffee. Jodie says that it’s hard to say the exact amount of coffee an individual can have as how quickly you can process it really depends on your genetics. So keep it sensible, limit your coffee and listen to your body.

Jodie is speaking on nutrition during pregnancy at BeingFest. Check out what she’ll be talking about here: www.beingfest.com. Check out the full Speaker List & Timed Agenda.