My work are big into our mental health, probably because we’re all close to jumping off the roof 90 percent of the time and alcoholics the other 10 percent. Anway, work, amazingly put on a series of mediation sessions with meditation hero Adiba Osmani. Adiba is the founder of inhere meditation studios ( She taught me this simple 5 minute meditation that you can do anywhere at any time.

For a month I did this meditation every morning and at the end of the month I finally fell pregnant.  

Regardless of whether you believe that the mediation helped in my pregnancy or not, meditation is great full stop, and for us preggos, with so much physical change going on, taking the time to remain present and aware can be an enormous help, and if nothing else, it will be the closest thing to feeling like you’ve had to two glasses of wine your whole pregnancy. So enjoy.   

Couple points to note Adiba said:

  • There was no perfect time to meditate. She preferred to do it in the morning as she found that worked best for her, and got her day off to a good start.
  • You don’t need the perfect conditions to meditate, so don’t worry if the only 5 minutes you can grab is in a busy space like a bus, train tube… Obviously, meditating while cycling to work or doing anything that needs your brain will be tricky.  

I used to do it on the train into work it and it goes a little something like this:

5 minute meditation

Step 1: Close your eyes and take 5 deep breaths in and out

Step 2: Listen to your surroundings, and take a mental note of any external noises i.e., traffic, people talking on the phone etc… It is OK to notice any noise throughout the mediation, just notice it, accept it’ is there and then refocus.

Step 2: Body scan. Breathe in, and move your attention to whatever part of the body you want to investigate. I always worked upwards from feet to head but you may want to choose randomly. As you go through parts of the body think about how they are feeling today, is anything tight for example? Tense each body part on your inhale and then release on your exhale

Step 3: Think about how you are feeling today? Do you feel happy, anxious, excited, nervous?  Do you know why you are feeling this way?

Step 4: Take 5 deep breaths in and out

Repeat daily if possible. Enjoy!

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