Do you spend as much time thinking about what you put on your body as opposed to in?

I think twice before eating processed food or ingredients that I can’t say but when it comes to skin care part of me thinks the more chemicals that I can’t say the better. I mean I need industrial stuff to sort this mug out.

With Edie’s skin I don’t put anything on it that is processed or contains chemicals. Maybe I should start being more like Edie with my own skin care. However, are natural products effective? Or will I be a smelly, spotty mess?

Who better to ask then Schmidt’s co-founder – Jaime Schmidt.

If you don’t know who Schmidt’s are – they are a fab plant and mineral based personal care brand. You can check out their products here:

1.   What should you check for when buying personal care products?

I believe natural products are the way of the future as customers become more informed, health conscious, and intentional with their purchase decisions.

There have been studies showing that certain synthetic ingredients can be problematic to your health, so our philosophy has always been to utilize ingredients of a more natural origin.

2.   Are there any ingredients you should avoid, if so what are they and why?

With Schmidt’s, our philosophy has always been to use ingredients of natural origin with as minimal processing as possible. While that means there are many synthetic ingredients on our “never” list, we prefer to emphasize the exceptional ingredients that meet our high natural standards and make it into our products. It’s just as much about what’s in our products, as what we’ve left out of them.

This means replicating or improving on the benefits of conventional products, while prioritising exciting ingredients that are derived from nature. For example, our deodorants help neutralise odour with magnesium and sodium bicarbonate, and incorporate coconut oil so the product glides easily onto the skin.

3.   What are Schmidt’s top three ingredients? What benefits do these ingredients have? i.e can they affect your mood i.e calming, energising, can they help protect your skin?

Schmidt’s uses natural, plant and mineral-based ingredients in our deodorants, toothpastes, and soaps. We prioritise ingredients like charcoal, superfood extracts, vitamins, and essential oils.

For our deodorant, the three main ingredients are:

Baking Soda & Magnesium – These natural, mineral-derived ingredients aid in neutralising acidic odour-causing bacteria

Cocoa and Shea Butter – These smooth operators are extracted from naturally-grown plants. Their combined power will help moisturise and soften your skin, while giving body to the deodorant. We don’t use water or fillers in our deodorant so a little goes a long way!

Natural Fragrance – That sweet smell when you open Schmidt’s natural deodorant? That’s the distilled essence of botanical materials and essential oils.

4.   What inspired the scents you use?

I found a lot of inspiration around me in the Portland (USA) area where I started the brand. For instance, I’m an avid hiker and camper, and my adventures in the woods were the inspiration for our Cedarwood and Juniper scent. I spent hundreds of hours in the kitchen experimenting with essential oil blends to arrive at the perfect complementary notes and scent profiles. Achieving that harmony, while standing out with compelling scents people hadn’t considered before, is something I’ve always been very passionate about.

In the beginning, it was my intuition driving our scent innovation, but as time went on I started conversations with our customers to learn what they wanted to see in our fragrance selection. For example, our customers participated in a poll to submit their ideas for a new Schmidt’s fragrance. Far and away, the top two choices were rose and vanilla, so we combined them into a single fragrance!

5.   What is Schmidt’s mission and goal?

In the beginning, my goal was to create a natural deodorant with natural ingredients that was effective. It was also important for me to nail those fragrances and give the brand a modern look and voice. A lot of the natural products on the market just didn’t smell right and had lacklustre branding. There was an opportunity for me to make something sophisticated and unique.

On a larger note, it was my goal to make quality, natural products available to as many people as possible—a luxury experience, at an affordable price point.  I recognised that generally the ‘natural’ industry only served a niche customer, but I was dead-set on bringing naturals into the mainstream, and for Schmidt’s to be “The new face of natural.” That’s still Schmidt’s goal today.

6.   As the founder of Schmidt’s, were you prompted by the increase in research into natural formulations?

I really was a pioneer in terms of the deodorant formula I made in 2010. There was nothing like it on the market at all. Many of the products out there were full of water and filled ingredients, designed to be produced cheaply rather than focusing on quality.

I went into this project with little knowledge. I was not a chemist, but I took it upon myself to go all-in with research, trial and error. It took thousands of hours and hundreds of iterations, but that’s really how I perfected the formula. There were so many alterations and directions I explored, and I wasn’t willing to compromise even one iota on quality. You can imagine the state my kitchen was in. I was completely dedicated to my goal of creating something that was not only effective and desirable for the skin, but contained natural ingredients that people would be proud to wear.

As the company grew, my innovation decisions also took trending and breakout ingredients into consideration. For example, when we released our Charcoal Magnesium deodorant formula, we knew that charcoal was a hot ingredient, and super effective, but we also looked at ingredients that have been around for longer and stood the test of time. Milk of Magnesia, for instance, was known to be an effective deodorizer, but I decided to innovate on that by using a powdered form of magnesium that was more complementary to our powder-based formula. The balance achieved in the final product is a great example of merging the old with the new.

7.   What’s your favourite product in the range and why?

My favourites will always be Schmidt’s Deodorants in our original, sensitive skin, and charcoal magnesium formats. My memories of developing and refining each of these formulas in my home kitchen, the entrepreneurial fire that was lit within me, and the confidence that I was truly disrupting an industry can never be topped.

With 3 different formulas and a wide range of fragrances, there is something for everyone. I usually mix it up and change up my fragrance constantly, but lately I’ve been using Rose and vanilla every day. A perfect complement to those late spring blooms!

If you are attending you’ll receive Schmidt’s products to try in your goodybag! Check out the full Speaker List & Timed Agenda.